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Balanced curriculum

As a guiding framework, Wisdom school adheres to the British National Curriculum and uses a variety of reputable publishers such as Cambridge, Oxford, National Geographic, DK, among others, to ensure that we deliver our subjects effectively. Our curriculum is SAFE: Sequential, Active, Focused, and Explicit, enabling students to engage in a well-structured and immersive learning experience.

1. Sequenced activities that lead in a coordinated and connected way to skill development. New behaviours and more complicated skills usually need to be broken down into smaller steps and sequentially mastered.

2. Active forms of learning that enable young people to practise and master new skills. This might include role play or behavioural rehearsal.

3. Focused time spent developing one or more social and emotional skills. Sufficient time and attention are allocated for children to practise applying knowledge and skills.

4. Explicitly defined and targeted specific skills. Learners identify specific skills that they want

to develop, and practice these purposefully, rather than having a more general approach.

Balanced curriculum
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