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About Wisdom College Tutorial and Vocational School

Wisdom College Tutorial and Vocational School was founded in 2018 on the paradise island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, with a mission to provide educational solutions for everyone. We are licensed to teach learners from 6 to 19 years old and we strive to deliver broad, motivating, and flexible education that recognizes diverse talents of children and enables all to achieve.

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Our Approach

Living on a touristic island we take education as a journey, and we understand that every journey needs a destination which is relevant to the lives of our young people. En route, our learners experience the curiosity for studying that inspires them. Following the National British Curriculum as a guideline, Wisdom School strives to deliver an equitable programme that actively shapes opportunities for all our students, whatever their background, ability, and capability - enabling them to successfully fulfill their  potential.

We chase two goals: one is about obtaining knowledge in a particular subject, and the other one is to learn about one's own studying process, identify own strengths and take charge for own learning. 

We prioritize students' capacity to develop essential but "invisible" metacognitive skills, emerging their awareness of the need to learn and how to learn best, along with filling any gaps.

Rather than focusing only on exam results, we present growth-mindset, exploring the cycle of recall, transfer and apply techniques. We activate students as leaders and owners of their learning, training each to know what works best for them.

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Traditional learning in classrooms for international exams preparation

STEM learning, science experiments Wisdom School Koh Phangan


Learning from experiments and getting own experience


Learning by doing

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Learning to be inspired

Art Classes for Kids Wisdom School Koh Phangan

Learning Cycle and Learning Styles

Modern teaching Wisdom School Koh Phangan

Credits: Institute for Experiental Learning

We believe that each learner is an individual and nobody is the same. Learning styles are not inherited traits, they are rather preferred ways of navigating through the learning process. Knowing own tendencies and backup learning styles empowers students to be more productive and move faster through the curriculum. If learners become able to engage all learning styles in their studying process, they use the most powerful way of learning. 

Learning is not a linear process, but a continuously recurring cycle. The process of exchange of information between the learner's inner world and environment is endless. It is compared to breathing - a lifelong process of taking in and putting out.  Experience-Reflect-Think-Act is a natural learning cycle described by professor David Kolb. Concrete experience initiates the learning process, then it requires reflection to review the experience. Thinking is required to reach conclusions and then comes a decision to act. These four stages give a learner four times the chance to remember the information.

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